[ Beans ]
Food type soybeans, such as TOFU, MISO, NATTO and SOYMILK are always ready to be supplied by us all over JAPAN even in the world. Also, pulses, green bean and AZUKI bean are delivered at anytime to you. All our products are NON - GMO, identity preserved, separately handled with utmost care. Organic products are exclusively distributed with JAS mark.

[ Rice ]
"TO PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT" is our human's very important target. Also, it is being required that we want to have safer and "CHEMICAL FREE" food.
Since 1985, I have focused my mind on this problem "How to secure real natural food".
I have supplied ORGANIC SOYBEAN to Soy sauce manufacturer, Miso, Tofu and Natto Manufacturers. Now It's expanded to rice, fruits and vegetables.
Whenever you need "CHEMICAL - FREE FOOD", please feel free to contact me.

Before 1993, rice import to Japan had been almost nothing because of solid government policy to product Japanese rice growers, Now, 730,000MT is imported to Japan which will be over 1 million tons in 2003.
We are expanding Californian, Australian and Chinese rice.
Foreign rice image were not welcomed by Japanese consumers because of long-grain rice rush ordered by Japanese government in 1993. But now, medium and short grain rice of said origin are becoming popular.

Since June 1996, almost all rice distribution has become free except for imported rice. Before 1996 it had been totally controlled by government.

Sun-Tommy International Co.,Ltd.    
President Minoru "Tommy" Tominari    

Corporate Profile

Sun-Tommy International Co.,Ltd.
Address: 3-2-6 Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3273-5911
Fax: 03-3273-5920
President: Minoru Tominari
Paid Capital: US$400,000. -
Annual Sales: US$40Million
The Banks: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Yaesudori Branch, Mitsui-Sumitomo Bank Nihonbashi-Higashi Branch, The Shoko Chukin Bank Head Office, Tokyo-Tomin Bank Nihonbashi Branch, Hachizyuni Bank Tokyo Branch


Mar 1995 Founded
Jul 1996 Yaesu Rice Market Co.,Ltd. (An affiliated company) started operation


Yaesu Rice Market Co.,Ltd.
Nagano Grain Co.,Ltd.
Nagano Agri Sales Co., Ltd.


Importing rice, soybeans, kidney beans, green beans and various agricultural products (from USA, Canada, China, Thailand, Australia)


Hensall Cooperative
COFCO International (Beijing) Ltd.
ZEN-NOH (National Co-operative)


MISO, TOFU, NATTO, SOYMILK and BEAN SPROUT Manufacturers and Rice millers.

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